Welcome to our family! We aspire to give you
the most amount of love and connection
with every deity that we present. It is our
passion of love that we want you to feel.

It is our goal to bridge our Indian heritage in
America and not forget our roots ...
but instead let them empower us. Walking a
very fine line between both worlds -
the East and the West.

We hope that you can feel the emotions and
trust that is presented by each deity
in their own quiet manner.

To remove Obstacles - To give you Strength
- the belief that they will always take care of you.

We wish you only Blessings!!.

Goddess Durga - Sherewali Maa, Jai Mata Di
Lenox is pleased and proud to create this
original sculpture of Durga, the Goddess of
Strength in ivory fine china and pure 24
karat gold, issued in a strict limited edition
of 500 pieces.


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